Looking back, looking forward. Dec 2016

23 December 2016 | News

To those of you good enough to follow my endeavors and this very blog thank you. I apologize for the long gap in posts… this is due to various circumstances, mostly good, some bad. I have been insanely busing writing these last few months. On projects I can’t wait to brag about and for you to see in the year ahead. I also migrated everything to a much more reliable webhost company and lost some momentum (and files) during my migration. Getting everything back to normal now.

And speaking of “normal”, things are anything but aren’t they? I join many of you worried about the state of our nation as I look ahead to 2017. Be good to each other. Stand up for those who are under unjust attack. I will be there with you, on the right side of history. Look forward, not back.

I had some great moments in the last year. And although many of us have felt like the last few months are a continuous kick in the stomach I am thankful for some of the personal and creative victories I’ve had this year.

Thank you for keeping up with what I do. It wouldn’t be as fun creating if it was only for myself.

Gavin Hignight
December 2016

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