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Shanghai 2015 Part 2

More photos from the trip to Shanghai last year. Incredible place and people. Skyline from The Bund. Ant-Man defending the lobby of the theater. Shopping Centers and Malls are no joke in Shanghai. I -HEART- Neon. The Grid (for dinner) So many great shops for tea Shanghai Masters 2015 Busy on the streets Love this […]

Smoke Stacks

     The smoke stacks were always there. Even if your back was to them, even if you weren’t thinking about them they were there. They stuck right up strait into the sky. There were four of them. Typical paint job of faded red stripes. They, like everything else in the neighborhood looked warn and ugly, if […]

Looking Back, L’UOMO Vogue with Peter Lindbergh

There was this strange small period in my life where I worked as a model. It never exactly made sense for me, but the ride came by so I just jumped on and went with it. I actually got to see some far off places and meet some interesting people I would never have otherwise, […]

Looking Back, Night Dancer, 16mm, Denver, 1990s

A few months ago when re-developing my site, I broke out a DVD of all the student films I made in my teens. I hadn’t looked at any of these things in years. It seems like a lifetime ago I had made this, heck it wasn’t even me who made them, but a younger, different […]