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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been an absolute highlight of my creative career. Having the opportunity to work in this universe, with this creative team and with my four favorite mutants has been a dream. And my most current episode HEART OF EVIL is a highlight of this career highlight. Growing up, like many, a […]

Tokka Vs The World written by Gavin Hignight

So excited for everyone to see the latest episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I had the great pleasure of writing. Why was this one so great for me? Because it has a massive Kaiju battle! The turtles vs a giant space turtle Kaiju by the name of… Tokka. ’nuff said! Airing on Nickelodeon, […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Evil of Dregg” written by Gavin Hignight

BOOKYAKASHA!!!! The Turtles are going to Lord Dregg’s homeworld, and Raph will be kicking some shell. Tune into Nickelodeon Sunday April 10th for the new episode of TMNT written by yours truly. Guranteed this episode will be BUG-TASTIC!!

Ultimate Spider-Man Force of Nature written by Gavin Hignight

Hey, True Believers! (I can’t believe I finally got to say that…) Tune in April 10th to DisneyXD to watch the Ultimate Spider-Man episode “Force of Nature” written by this webhead! So excited to have the opportunity to write for Spider-Man. And as luck should have it I got to write Iron Spider, Scarlet Spider […]

Smoke Stacks

     The smoke stacks were always there. Even if your back was to them, even if you weren’t thinking about them they were there. They stuck right up strait into the sky. There were four of them. Typical paint job of faded red stripes. They, like everything else in the neighborhood looked warn and ugly, if […]

Paris 90

     With no other option left, and with a back up unit at least five minutes away, Lieutenant Charles Dubois reluctantly knew it was time. He had hoped that it wouldn’t be necessary to use Unit 40 that often, on his first day in the field no less.      Crouched in the rear of his vehicle he […]

Collidor Passing

    It wasn’t a very nice thought, but sitting here, listening to the other kids talk about their previous night Claire couldn’t help thinking it again. Lately it was a thought that had drifted in and out of her mind.     She was actually… kind of angry with her parents. It’s not like they were starving, it […]

One in a Million, short story, Gavin Hignight

     A small little smile lit up on her face as the bartender clinked glasses. “So what will that be, Sugar?” The slightly larger, older man next to her asked. “Whatever you’re having is fine with me.” Slightly larger. Slightly Older. Slightly more weathered, He ordered their next round of drinks. “A grasshopper for the lady […]