Been in those woods

02 March 2015 | Poem of the Week


Been in those woods
I’ve seen them before
Walked them
Dead as a ghost
To you
And this world
Dead white
Like snow on the ground
Like a spirit
I’ve been in those woods
Time and time and time again
And where were you?
When it all came down
When it all fell out
In the cold
On that snow
Dead to the world
Where were you?
And now the time has come
Almost an anniversary
Of loss
Of the wandering
Of those woods
No trail there
Other men have made no path
Nothing forged
Nothing made
Just brush
And snow
And me
To come back again and again
To that time
To those branches
To be haunted
By all that has happened
And all that would come
I’ve been in those woods
And I know this
You were not on the path, nor the brush
You were not there
To help me out of this cold

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