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Last Light Fading

Last light fading People stand in long metal tubes Moving The city of levels. Hidden spaces. Up. Down. Under and above Hong Kong night. The lights. The Desperation Fatigue on their faces A look I’ve seen before New York. Tokyo. Hong Kong. Concrete Crypts. We’re already living in them. Coffin town, a real place. I’ve […]

Blue Light

Blue light Falling downward Soft Clouds of light Passing through Passing out Dreamscape has not come Nor will it ever This is the nightmare land But here is where we roll This out place These nights These shadows We were cast here Cast off But we’ve made it our own Made it our home In […]

They put perfume on the air

They put perfume on the wind And smoke on the horizon Industry People Life A cart in the street A cat in the street Brick Roads Path Something on the wind A place A person A time It is sweet Sometimes bitter This place Where they put perfume on the wind

Stumble Upon Approach

We stumble on approach In the dark Just past the ravine Of Time And of consequence Beat beat beat It goes on and on Lost tribe Lost soldier On the plains A Mystic A touch Beats Grey Skies Coming down all around Again Again And Again We shout Into the void Into the dark Past […]

City Centre

City centre We exist on the outskirts A tower hangs near In the city centre A mass of buildings A mecha A place of stories Their stories For we are held on the outside Touching the same sky As does the tower in the distance It haunts us Haunts me Memories there Of another time […]

Collection Box

Collection box Times of old Times spent In silver Black and white Torn with edges Sometimes just torn Innocence on her face She gathers herself Strangers watch They prepare coins For her collection box For time travel For a universe before She sits, legs crossed At the café Somewhere in time Maybe now, maybe then […]

Been in those woods

Been in those woods I’ve seen them before Walked them Dead as a ghost To you And this world Dead white Like snow on the ground Like a spirit Lost I’ve been in those woods Time and time and time again Wandering Lost Bleeding And where were you? When it all came down When it […]

Cold Season

Cold season Lifeless Under red light Searching the past Swimming through wet streets Memories Secret places A snow falls outside Maybe the last Inside A meeting hall Faces of the lonely Masked Broken souls Broken people Like you And myself We search through the cold season In our past On those streets Under red light […]

Words Fail

Words fail Something No longer firing off Connection down She bites her lip Just a bit I bide my time Over and over and over again Night has passed The Year so fast And still Words fail Intensions Directions Lost There are no woods There is no thick Just me Just the vaccum Of what […]

Big Big World

limitations a girl walks near nervous for the first time on her own in the big world rich in freedom only rich in potential rich in charm hard wood floors migrant families nights filled with sirens nights are filled with dreams Just beyond that 60-watt the lamp was her mothers the room is hers like […]