Last Light Fading

23 December 2016 | Poem of the Week

Last light fading
People stand in long metal tubes
The city of levels. Hidden spaces.
Up. Down. Under and above
Hong Kong night.
The lights.
The Desperation
Fatigue on their faces
A look I’ve seen before
New York. Tokyo. Hong Kong.
Concrete Crypts.
We’re already living in them.
Coffin town, a real place.
I’ve seen it. Boxes drug out to the streets.
Locals won’t walk near.
So this part of town can belong to us.
Bad luck won’t even come here.
Up and down, the night a Merry-Go-Round
Night in Hong Kong.
Last light fading.
We’re on our way tomorrow… or tonight.
Something new is always on the way.
New, next to old.
As last light is fading.

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