04 August 2017 | News

I am unbelievably pleased to share the news that MYSTIC COSMIC PATROL, the Tokusastu Kaiju craziness that I created, wrote and produced will bit hitting Funny or Die this month on August 24th!

It’s my favorite project I have put together and thanks to the hard work of producers Laura Monaco, Doc Wyatt, Tommy Klipsch and Chris Masterson it is finally coming to life.

In addition, it features a super talented cast such as Chris Masterson, Chris Candy, Tim Jo, Chelsea Tavares, Tim Russ, John Kassir and the best baddy ever Minae Noji.

It also features the hard work of so many amazing people, CIG NEUTRON, RANNIE RODIL, GABRIEL JARRET, DAVIS CHOH, NOAH FLEDER, ALEXANDER WARD, STUART MORALES, TETSU TSHIOTA, MADISON RUSS, JESSICA GARDNER, Lisa Hamil, Mae Ho, Ashley Friedman, Neil Johnson, Larry Litton, Jeff Weiss, Marcus Friend, Mary Imagination, Beth Van Dam, Daniel Warren, Kil Won Yu, Dan Chapman, Nick Rowland, Jeff Beachnau, Thomas Mullen, Andrew Rines, Stephanie Ottinger, Nellie Prestine-Lowery, Mel Huffman, Jennifer Filo, Andrea Schwartz, Jennifer Ernster, Kimber Parrish, Veronica Rodarte, Greg Hignight, Alex Wald, Cassandra L. Garcia, Kyle Wright, Nick Forte, Chandler Lynn, Gabriel Bishop, Jeremy Lopez
Dave Edison, Brian Erzen, Brian Hackett, Brandon Amelotte, Andrew Drayton, Vince Puccio
Gene Alford, Dave Edison, Nedy John Cross, Charles Henri, Mike and Alastor over at FOTOKEM, Polo Yazaki, Geo Malanche, Taj Payne, George Frangadakis over at Immortal Masks and SO MANY OTHERS.

STAY TUNED, I’ll share the links here. AND A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who came together to make this goofiness a reality. Here’s the showpage make sure to follow and click “FUNNY” when episodes start airing.

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